About Us
A Pioneer and Leader in Japan's Tomato Business
The first budding of tomatoes he had grown himself - this was where it all began way back in 1899 for KAGOME’s founder Ichitaro Kanie when he at last succeeded in cultivating tomatoes in Japan. Not long after this achievement, Kanie expanded the scale of tomato cultivation and began to develop operations that eventually became a tomato processing business handling sauces, ketchups and juices. His endeavors established the foundation of what KAGOME is today.

We have been in the tomato business over more than 110 years. Not only did we pioneer tomato processing in Japan, today we are the country’s undisputed industry leader in this sector.
Brand is a promise to society and consumers
“True to nature, the flavor of KAGOME”
To strive for healthier food that make the most of natural antioxidants and immune system boosters. To produce healthy, great-tasting foods without relying on unnatural additives or technologies. To create new types of fun food, considering the needs of our bodies and our planet. Kagome History:
1899 : Ichitaro Kanie first began cultivating tomatoes and other non-native vegetables
1903 : Started production of tomato sauce (currently tomato puree)
1908 : Started production of tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce
1933 : Started sales of tomato juice
1963 : Changed the Company’s name to Kagome Co., Ltd., and formulated the tomato logo
1978 : Publicly listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1988 : Achieved net sales of ¥100 billion
1990 : Established KAGOME.INC. in USA
1992 : Started sales of Carrot juice 100
1995 : Launched YASAI SEIKATSU 100, which today is Japan’s best-selling series in the fruit & vegetable mixed juice category
1998 : Started sales of fresh tomato
2003 : Launched our corporate brand statement: "True to nature, the flavor of KAGOME"  2007 : Kagome Co., Ltd. invested in Portugal-based Holding da Industria Transformadora do Tomate, SGPS S.A. (HIT), the holding company controlling Italagro (Industria da Transformacao de Productos Alimentares S.A.) and FIT (Fomento da Industria do Tomate S.A.), manufacturers of tomato products for institutional use.
2010 : Signed business purchase agreements with Australia-based tomato processing and farming companies and established holding company Kagome Australia Pty Ltd.
2011 : Started sales of YASAI SEIKATSU 100 seasonal items
2013 : Established Ruchi kagome Foods India Pvt. Ltd. In India Made United Genetics Holding LLC a subsidiary through capital investment
2018 : Established KAGOME NISSIN FOODS (H.K.) CO., LIMITED