Vegetable Juice
190g x 30 Cans
HK $336/Case(HK $11.2/Can)
- 30 kinds of vegetables mixed
- No added Preservatives, Colors, Sugar & Salt
- Quick supplement of vegetable nutrients
Included 30 kinds of vegetables in a can gives you a convenience way for vegetables supplement. Good for businessmen and senior people, particularly ladies looking for detox and slim body. One can included a portion of vegetable for a day.
Ingredients Concentrated Vegetable Juice(Tomato, Carrot, Brussels sprouts, Red pepper, Kale, Spinach, Corchorus, Broccoli, Lettuce, Celery, Ginger, Red cabbage, Red Perilla, Mugwort, Green bok choy, Cauliflower, Watercress, Parsley, Pumpkin, Asparagus, Onion, Red beet, Radish, Komatsuna, Sweet potato, Angelica keiskei, Napa cabbage, Eggplant, Lima bean, Burdock), Lemon Juice
Lycopene Content 15 mg /190g
Potassium Content 810 mg /190g
Vitamin E Content 2 mg /190g