100% Vegetable Juice
720ml x 15 BTL
HK $343/Case(HK $22.9/BTL)
- Made of 28 kinds of colourful vegetables
- No added Preservatives, Colors, Sugar & Salt
- Provide 1 portion of vegetable nutrient every day*

Having busy life with more meat less vegetable in every meals, Kagome vegetable juice supplements insufficient vegetable intake and support your healthy life from day to day.

Daily portion of eating fruit and vegetable is …?
An authority recommends more than 400g or 5 portions for a daily intake of fruit and vegetables per person which can keep body health.

So how many vegetables to take?

The 5 portions are recommended on a ratio of 2 portions of fruit and 3 portions of vegetables. If counting on a portion of 80 gram, an ideal intake of vegetable is minimum 240g daily. 

*According to suggestion of HK Department of Health, daily comsumption of pure vegetable juice in excess to 180ml would still be counted as taking one serving of vegetables only.